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KMI Tensile Testers are electrically operated machines capable of determining tensile strength and elongation of Textile, Rubber, Plastic, Cables and Conductors, Leather, Asbestos, Paper, Plywood, Metal, and other materials.

Can test materials in conformity with IS or other standard.


KMI is the pioneer in manufacturing Tensile Testing Machines in India Thousand of customers including institution like BIS, NPL and others rely on KMI Equipments for testing their products.

Mechanical Range
Electronic Range
These are pendulum type machines for routine testing, suitable for testing wide range of materials. Due to its high functional capabilities and advance technical features more & more organizations are preferring electronic version.
These are most reliable equipment with unmatched performance with facility for load elongation curve

Simple to operate. No special qualification or skill required for operating the equipment.

Different models are available from 5N to 50N International standards in accuracy, quality and performance
Mechanical Version

Pendulum type machine for routine testing.

Suitable for testing wide range of materials.

Most reliable equipment with unmatched performance. Easy to operate with built-in safety features. Scale with fine graduation. Elongation scale-1 MM Least Count.

Facility for load elongation curve.

Available in capacities ranging from 5 KN. to 50 KN.

Microprocessor Based Version

Microprocessor based electronic version.

Electronic load & elongation measurement ensure pinpoint accuracy. Digital indication for load and elongation. Load - elongation curve by electronic printer.

Test report printout facilities (Optional)

Computer hookup facility.

Cap. upto 100KN.

Computerized Version

Sophisticated computerized version. Have all features of Microprocessor based equipment.

Plus many advanced features. To name a few--

  • Proof test cyclic test facility.
  • Software for statistical analysis.
  • Finer load resolution-4000 counts.
  • Variable speed AC Drive.
  • Permanent data storage facility.
  • Custom-built software for specific need -etc. Cap. upto 100 KN.
Universal Testing Machines

Computerized Universal Testing Machine with Hydraulic Straining Unit.

Capacity upto 1000 KN.

Micro Processor based version also available.